Being a Facebook marketing partner entails a whole host of advantages.

You might be pleasantly surprised to learn that like Google, Facebook also awards what they call Marketing Partner badges to agencies that meet the highest standards of performance.

Like being awarded a Google Premier Partner badge, getting this is a real source of pride for us.

If you want to read about the advantages of working with a Google Premier Partner agency, we’ve written about that as well.

The partner program is a bit like being vetted by Facebook. They check we are doing the right thing in adhering to their standards or best practice guidelines and then certify us to let potential clients know this is the case.

Remember, Facebook’s reach is bigger than you think, so when you become a partner, you’re also an Instagram Marketing Partner and have access to all of their advertising channels.

Ambire is amongst the agencies selected as a Facebook Marketing Partner. This means exclusive access to training, resources, events and technical support straight from Facebook.

What do we do with all of this exclusive access and insights?

Well, funny you should ask.

We use what we learn from Facebook and apply it directly to client Facebook Ads campaigns across the entirety of the Facebook family.

Sometimes, this just means using what we know to change or adjust the campaigns to adhere to best practice guidelines. Other times, we take the reports given to us by Facebook and give them directly to the client. Or, we can harness the power of direct technical support from Facebook when things go wrong on a technical level.

There are a few criteria that an agency must meet to qualify for the badge, This includes remaining compliant with Facebook’s ads policy, basically, following the rules set out by the social media network. Then, like Google, Facebook has a minimum ad spend which must be met, as well as specific location requirements.

Once you’ve met these, however, there are only benefits for the agency – which then trickle down through to the client as well. In particular, for you, it means a reduction in time spent focusing on Facebook, when you could be more involved in more aspects of your business.

Let’s jump into some of the partner advantages now.


Facebook really values its marketing partners – giving agencies like us access to analytics tools, recommendations and reports through the Agency Hub.

From a client perspective, this is invaluable as we can share Facebook’s recommendations and reports directly with you.

It’s also great because Facebook provides us with real time updates on data and analytics. A common problem often faced by agencies of all sizes is that data is tricky to get your hands on. Well, partners like Facebook do their best to reduce such stressors by making data open and easy to use.

Similarly, agencies also receive exclusive access to resources, training and partner development. Facebook actually has an entire educational team set up just to help agencies improve their knowledge of the entire Facebook family, including Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp.

The Blueprint team shares agency-specific tools and advanced training sessions to improve skills. Furthermore, they share access to sales materials and messaging as well as consistently re-iterating and affirming Facebook ads campaign best practices for measurement and creative production.

Facebook also gives Marketing Partners access to beta features to really give them a leg up on the competition.

As a client, you can rest assured your campaigns are in the safest, most well-trained and creative hands when you work with a Facebook marketing partner.


These agencies are then listed in the Facebook Partner directory. Now, this is a pretty coveted spot to get into and means clients can feel much more secure when they are on the hunt for a new digital marketing agency. For agencies, it gives much wider exposure to potential clients.

Facebook partners also receive exclusive invites to events such as the Facebook Marketing Partners Agency Exposition to ensure they are constantly learning not only from Facebook, but from other agencies also excelling in the field.

This encourages us all to stay constantly on our toes and ultimately driven to succeed and to realise clients’ business objectives as best we can.


Of course, digital marketing would not be digital marketing if things did not occasionally go wrong.

Luckily for clients, and for us, when things do go wrong, we have direct access to help from Facebook’s own technical gurus. They can figure out solutions very quickly and get ad campaigns back up and running as quickly as possible.

Facebook also offers its marketing partners access to consultation sessions and one-to-one chat support if, and when, it’s needed.

Advertising with Facebook and its various channels is, after all, pretty necessary these days as more and more people flock to social media.

But, it can be a bit of a black box in there.

Ad campaigns suddenly start to cost a lot of money, budgets are blown wide open, and you’re not sure which way to turn.

Well, this is the time to invest in finding a Facebook partner to take away some of the stress. These people are the best in the business – that’s why Facebook has given them such a big tick of approval.

See what Ambire can do today for your Facebook Ads campaigns.