Nike: A Case Study in Selling More than a Product

Nike shoes

When you’re asked to think about Nike, what’s the first thing that pops into your head?

Interestingly enough, I’d hazard a guess that you didn’t say shoes, shorts or singlets. 

Was it their famed slogan ‘Just do it’? Was it an image of somebody working hard to achieve their dream, despite all of the odds being stacked against them? Or, was it a famous athlete like Michael Jordan landing a basket? 

The reason for this is that Nike is more often associated with selling a vision, a dream and aspiration rather than a pair of shoes.

Is ecommerce right for your business?

Ecommerce in 2021

One of the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic has, unsurprisingly, been the immense growth of ecommerce.

It really didn’t matter in 2020 whether or not you were a B2B or B2C business or one that was global or local. It didn’t even matter whether or not you had ever attempted online retail before or whether you were simply a novice to the whole game.

Basically – you had to get online, and quickly.

Showpo: A Case Study in Micro-influencer Marketing


From her parents garage to an internationally-renowned company, Showpo is truly an Australian success story. A lot of that success is thanks to a pretty incredible marketing strategy that prioritises diversification across social channels.

SEO Tips for Ecommerce Sites

Women shopping online.

Google’s recently shared some hot SEO tips for ecommerce sites, so we thought we’d break them down for you to put to use today.

21 Tips for your Ecommerce in 2021

Online shopping and ecommerce

In celebration of the year, we’ve decided to offer 21 hot tips and tricks to help you smash your ecommerce goals. We hope this will serve you well throughout this year and beyond!