A significant part of growing your organic visibility comes from tweaking your pages in order to improve user experience. There are a number of ranking factors that hinge on the performance of your website. At Ambire, we’re an experienced team of industry experts who are well versed in technical SEO. We have a sound understanding of what adjustments need to be made to your back-end in order to give you a competitive edge.

Get in touch with us for a FREE SEO audit today. It comes with an SEO health check of your website, which enables us to identify any technical SEO issues which may be present on your site. With no contracts nor commitment required on your end, you can confidently give your website the boost it needs to outrank the competition.

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Technical SEO Services

Free Website Audit

We provide each prospective client with a free audit which assesses which areas of your site offer the greatest opportunity for improvement.

Page Speed

The more time a page takes to load, the higher the bounce rate, impacting on overall user experience, which is tied to SEO rankings and paid search ad quality scores.

Optimising For Mobile

The number of searches which are made on mobile devices are exponentially increasing every year. As such, ensuring your website performs well on mobile is vital for organic growth.

Duplicate Content

The presence of duplicate content on your site means that you are essentially pitting your webpages against each other. Using redirects, canonical tags, or redrafting content enables us to remedy these issues.

Amending Meta Tags

These are snippets of code within a webpage’s HTML that provide information about the content of the page. These tags are used by search engines and web browsers to help them understand the content and purpose of the page.


Correctly implementing redirects to ensure that users are directed to the correct page and search engines understand the changes to the website’s structure.

Structured Data

Helps improve real estate and visibility in Google results, and therefore CTR as it pulls through valuable info such as the sitelinks search bar, reviews/ratings, and FAQs.


Identifying any obstacles that may limit a search engine spider’s ability from crawling and indexing the content of your website.

A lot of these concepts can be quite technical – it’s literally in the name – so don’t worry if you’re feeling a little confused. We’ve prepared an insightful SEO Glossary to help you wrap your head around some of the jargon pertaining to technical SEO.