InStitchu is an Australian owned menswear brand specialising in custom, tailored menswear for the modern gentleman. Ambire has worked with InStitchu on their paid media, SEO, Digital Strategy, Social and Analytics, including tapping into their audiences from the US market. Through close monitoring of their digital channels and their correlation with retail sales, InStitchu and Ambire have formed a close partnership that has resulted in InStitchu’s continual growth, and ability to stay ahead in a highly competitive market.


High school friends James Wakefield and Robin McGowan founded InStitchu to open the door to affordable, yet high quality custom, tailored garments for gentlemen.

When entering the corporate workforce, James and Robin had struggled to find suits that not only fitted well and looked the part, but that were also affordable. InStitchu was established out of their frustration; they also recognised a gap in the market and set out to transform the traditional world of tailoring using all the tools of contemporary digital marketing.

Institchu – A Modern Fit For A Traditional Industry


In 2017 Ambire was challenged to implement a digital strategy that would complement and amplify the success and growth of the brand. It was a challenge undertaken with relish.


To assist with the customer education process, we developed a digital strategy that leveraged the full acquisition funnel, from awareness through to consideration and conversion.

We implemented an awareness strategy to inspire new audiences through engaging content. Traditional, off the rack purchasers needed to become familiar with the custom tailored experience and feel comfortable enough to purchase.

We introduced display activity, showcasing styled imagery of custom tailored products and interiors of the brand’s old-world in-store fit-outs.

Lead generation ads gave potential customers the opportunity to download e-books and become familiar with the brand, to understand what to expect from the custom tailored suiting process and pick up valuable styling tips. We were then able to capture this audience and retarget them with our lower funnel paid activity.

We optimised generic search keywords to initiate quality prospecting. This required a strategic approach as we were competing in a new, unfamiliar and upcoming category. We were up against established retail powerhouses including The Iconic and ASOS, as well as emerging custom tailored suiting brands.

With a limited pool of customers to reach on generic terms (90% of targeting being male) we utilised existing customer data; customer lifetime value (LTV) data was used to leverage on higher quality leads and created lookalike audiences based on regular customer uploads to ensure the most precise targeting.

Optimising ad creative started with testing different messaging to boost relevancy and convey the right selling point for both value and price to the right audience and context.

Our initial learnings came from our display activity that at first struggled to perform; for example, the $499 price point outperformed the lowest price point ($399), indicating that cheaper price points compromised the perception of the brand/product quality.

For mid to lower funnel activity, we developed dedicated landing pages organised by product, category and location. Together with improving KPIs such as relevance scores, click through rates, and lower CPCs, the landing pages instilled confidence in users. InStitchu prides itself on delivering an outstanding customer experience, ensuring the process is effortless and exceeds expectations. Our landing pages were developed to replicate the InStitchu in-store experience online. We did this through the use of testimonials, customer reviews, stylist tips and content to reflect the brand values.

250% Increase In Transactions Ffrom Paid Media

To ensure strong performance of each landing page, with the goal to optimise conversion rates, we tested different CTA positioning and page structures to find the right balance between education and increasing conversions. We saw conversion rates from traffic generated by paid media increase by 46% year on year. Pages per session decreased by 13% as we introduced more clear CTAs and conversion points within the landing pages.

High competition in lower funnel activity meant we had to be selective in audience targeting to achieve maximum conversion opportunities. We implemented retargeting across both Facebook and Google advertising based on visitors of specific website product and category pages, cart abandoners and audiences captured in our top of funnel activity who hadn’t passed through a conversion. This was a contributing factor to our 46% increase in paid media conversion rate and a 250% increase in paid media transactions.

We also implemented a strategy to drive customers into InStitchu showrooms, a key tool for converting sales and collecting customer data.

We refined customer targeting based on InStitchu showroom locations. Across Australia, New Zealand and the US, showrooms are located in the CBD of major cities. With a large proportion of customers being corporate professionals, we introduced specific targeting and messaging for CBD showrooms, increasing generic keyword bids by 80-90% for users within a 2km radius and during working hours.

The challenge of media wastage due to booking availabilities and opening hours was prominent in ads with the objective of driving offline sales. As a result, we set up showroom calendars to synchronise with specific ad groups and locations to turn specific ads on/off where needed.

Whilst work on Paid Media started in H2 2017, at the end of the year Search Tribe was also awarded with SEO tasks by InStitchu.

To start, we implemented an SEO growth strategy with a focus on key, basic optimisation to improve user experience and increase search rankings, which resulted in a significant growth in traffic from January/February 2018.

A key tactic we implemented was to include more SEO worthy content in page footers based on keywords with high volumes and relevancy. To improve user experience, we also introduced more on-page content and added interlinking between main products and category pages to enhance the navigation.

We also optimised page structure, testing strategic placements of CTAs to improve conversion rates. For example, we introduced ‘Shop Suits’ and ‘Book an Appointment’ CTAs above the fold on the homepage. These are the brand’s top two online conversion points and have yielded the highest ROI.


More Organic Traffic
Improving The Conversion Rate from SEO
Increase In Transactions from Paid Media
Increase in Sem Conversion Rate


The great thing about Ambire is that as they are boutique, the service that they provide is unparalleled to what you would receive from a larger agency. Andrea and the team were quick to establish a close relationship with the team, and with their hands on approach, we’ve seen results of great growth and ROI.

Not only are they highly skilled in what they do, but they are more than happy to teach the team anything that we want to learn from them, the incredible support that we receive from Ambire is second to none.

George Andreolas
Institchu – A Modern Fit For A Traditional Industry

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