Not satisfied with your SEO? Not getting the results you hope to see? Or are you just starting out with SEO and have been offered a cookie-cutter solution? You should expect more.

Because every business is different, each and every strategy we devise is unique in nature and backed by a data-driven approach. With a clear focus on maximising ROI and revenue from organic search for your brand, we can help unlock your full online potential.

As a Sydney-based SEO company, we provide custom solutions and SEO services for Australian small, medium and enterprise businesses. No black hat, no grey or obscure and questionable tactics. Just years of experience, SEO best practice and 100% transparency.

Like everything else that we do, we do SEO for our clients as if it’s our own brand and website. So you can rest assured knowing you’re in good hands when you choose one of the best SEO agencies, right here in Australia.

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Don’t let your brand fall victim to the hype. If this is something you’ve been promised by your current SEO agency, then you most likely need a new one.

With SEO, there are no shortcuts – rather ongoing hard work and persistence. Even then, no one can make such promises (unless you have been guaranteed to rank top for some obscure, never-searched keywords). Instead, our focus is on working together to build a solid SEO strategy that delivers real, tangible results for your business.

We’re not saying that ranking on the first page in Google is impossible, and make no mistake, we will always strive for the top spots, but with SEO – it means strapping in for the long haul.

Luckily, our team of highly skilled SEO specialists can help maintain your ranking status and scale your business to new heights, so you can stay ahead of the competition for good.


Gold is always found close to bedrock.

Nowadays, customers have come to expect a seamless user experience when searching online. This means they are unlikely to scroll past the first page of search engine results to find what they’re looking for. If your competitors are exactly where your customers are searching, and you’re not, your brand instantly becomes out of sight, out of mind.

But in such a competitive and ever-changing space, the focus shouldn’t just be on racing to the top of search engine results. With our SEO services, it’s also about outsmarting the competition and taking advantage of early opportunities. That way once you reach number one, you can stay there comfortably.

So not only will we help you mine tons of data to reach that gold, we will also strive to find the nuggets that SEO can offer only to the avid miners.


SEO should be at the base of every successful digital business. The rock-solid foundation that underlines your online acquisition, and drives visitors to your website. Helping you capture those leads, the sales and revenue that’s necessary for a sustainable and future-proofed brand.

That’s why you need more than an SEO agency. What you need is a partner for the long haul, a digital marketing company that can help you with a clear vision and strategy for your SEO.

We can be that partner. We are that partner.

Specialised SEO Services | SEO Agency Sydney | Ambire

Search Engine Optimisation is quite often misunderstood and referred to as a dark art. It can leave you feeling unsure in regards to what is going on with your website, your rankings, and more importantly, with your hard-earned dollars.

At Ambire, we live and breathe transparency. When it comes to SEO management, we’re completely transparent with our tactics, strategy and reporting. So you know exactly how our SEO services are impacting your bottom line.

Our tried and tested strategies can provide quick improvements and long-term results that smash through the barriers on Google and drive your revenue through the roof.

Our service for SEO management includes:

  • Extensive SEO Audit
  • Local SEO management
  • Keyword, link, tag and description management
  • Google Search Console management
  • Campaign Optimisation to maximise performance, online traffic, leads, sales and revenue
  • Update and upgrade content
  • Easy to use and read Reporting and Insights
  • Maximise your ROI in the short and long term

Other agencies will often try to impress you with stats like: 250% revenue growth or 300% increase in clicks. But without the whole picture, these stats are meaningless. If you increase 10 clicks by 300% you still only have 30 clicks! Did they convert? Did your return on investment increase? What is the strategy? Does it align with your business goals? 250% revenue growth is always great, but did your costs increase at the same time? If so, you could be losing money! That doesn’t sound so great now does it? You will never get meaningless stats from us. All of our case studies show you the entire picture, from beginning, middle to end. We’re able to do this because they are case studies from real, genuine results. This is what we do for our clients and what we can do for you.

As an SEO agency, we have designed and custom built our own in-house analysis and reporting systems, while also utilising the many tools available in the market. But just as every business is different, so too are the tactics and tools we use to deliver strong results. We tailor the right tools around your business, and avoid those cookie cutter solutions.

Data really is at the heart of what we do and how we achieve such amazing results. Our entire team are experts at data analysis and reading between the lines. This is the one area we never compromise on when employing new team members. If you can see, understand and apply learnings from the data available, we are halfway there to achieving greatness! The other half you may ask? That’s where experience really matters and shows. We can accurately read and forecast future trends and results from decades of combined industry experience, making us the best SEO company Australia has to offer.

We are trusted by and have worked with some of the most iconic Australian and global brands, like Nike, ASOS, Virgin, LastMinute, TUI, Kennards Self Storage, Interflora, The Academy Brand, Ferrero, NAB, Origin, Journelle, InStitchu, Flowers for Everyone, Mitre 10 to name a few.

We love working with small to medium enterprises, as our passion lies in helping local businesses hit and exceed their goals. Being a core part of that growth is what drives us to work hard everyday. We’ve seen many of our partners start with just one brick and mortar store, to then opening ten and building a strong online presence. Knowing our SEO services have contributed to this success is as rewarding as it gets, and we want to do the same for you.

Specialised SEO Services | SEO Agency Sydney | Ambire


Search Engine Optimisation – or SEO for short, involves the set of practices, activities and techniques aimed at making sure a website is optimised for search engines.

Search engines rank websites based on a proprietary algorithm that allows them to establish what sites are most relevant to a user search query, and in which order to rank them in the search engine results pages (also known as SERPs).

Think about the algorithm as a secret recipe, of which we might know some of the ingredients, but not all of them and certainly not how they’re combined together. These ingredients are signals used by the search engines. For example, the content or title of a page is a signal that indicates what the page is about and how it can be relevant to a user’s search query.

But there are many signals (or ingredients) that go into the algorithm (recipe), some ‘on-page’, like the ones we have just mentioned, and some ‘off-page’. For example, links pointing to the page that can be used to signify and establish the trustworthiness and authority of the page.

So if we go back to the definition of SEO, it’s also about ensuring that the page or content is accessible for search engines to crawl. SEO makes all this possible, by checking and addressing the technical barriers that may prevent search engines from index it.

As we briefly mentioned above, SEO services can be split between on-page optimisation (or technical SEO), and off-page SEO, which usually consists of outreach and amplification. Both are crucial to the long-term success of a dynamic SEO campaign.

Whether you need SEO for your business or not, it really depends on your objectives, your targets, and how fast you want to achieve them. The main reason why brands and businesses turn to search (whether is PPC management or SEO, or both) is because the whole point of having a website is that it can be found on search engines. And when we talk about search engines in Australia, what we’re really referring to is Google – with a whopping 95% of the market share.

When a user searches online, Google doesn’t just simply pluck a random page from the sky and send them there in the hopes that it provides an answer to their query. Rather, it uses a complex algorithm that determines which of the trillions of pages appropriately matches their search intent and provides the most value.

With SEO, you’re able to use a multitude of tactics and techniques that help increase your brand visibility in rank in search engine results pages. If no one, or just a few are aware and can find your business online, it would be like having a store that no one visits. Would you not rather have it flocking with customers, busy everyday and making money? The same can be said with online traffic. Luckily, this is exactly what search engines are for.

So optimising a website in order for it to rank highly and be found by potential customers actively searching online, is no longer just an option – it’s a must. If you haven’t properly optimised your site, it’s safe to assume the only rankings you will have on the first page of search results will be for branded search queries – but even then, this mightn’t be the case.

This means users who’re unaware of your business, but are looking for your products and/or services, will never be able to find you. The worst part is, you won’t even get the chance to tell them why they should choose you over your competitors. So in a nutshell, you’re effectively giving leads away.

However, SEO can be a slow burn activity and it can take some time before meaningful results can be achieved. If time is of the essence and you are looking at achieving results fast, then PPC management is your best option as ads can be turned around quickly, and relevant, qualified traffic driven to your website in a short period of time.

Search engines, like Google, aim to provide the best possible service and experience for their users. This means providing relevant search results that are not only high quality, but also relate to what the user is searching for.

To deliver on this, Google will scan, or crawl, various websites to gain a better understanding of what the site is about and how it can provide value to their users. This helps Google provide more accurate and relevant results regarding a certain topic or keyword.

These days, Google also places a strong emphasis on UX – or user experience, as it is commonly called. Meaning they now scan websites to determine their accessibility, usability and readability. Google then rewards these user-friendly sites with greater rankings on the search engine results pages.

Search engine optimisation is then the process of optimising a website so that it not only ranks for certain phrases and keywords, but also for how easy it is to read and navigate.

In the majority of the cases, the SEO work starts with an audit of the current website to establish how well the site is optimised and built according to SEO best practice.

A technical audit is a review and technical assessment of a website where a SEO specialist methodically goes through a comprehensive list of tasks and checks to address issues which may reduce potential rankings, negatively affect customer experience and to ensure the website adheres to industry best practice.

Here is when things like redirects, error pages, information architecture of the website, internal links, broken links, title tags, descriptions, heading tags, canonical tags, duplicate content, page load speed, size of the images, structured data, and much more get thoroughly checked and analysed.

A technical audit can be a lengthy task, but luckily there are numerous tools that can help with the process, amongst these some are Screaming Frog, Google’s PageSpeed Insights, W3C Markup Validation Service and Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool. All of which are offered in our SEO services.

Outreach and link building are still an important part of the SEO strategy and work, and usually planned for most SEO campaigns. Since the authority of a website is measured on the ‘endorsements’ it receives from other websites, links are a way to weigh that authority.

But it’s not just a matter of quantity and so it’s not the total number of backlinks that determines the rankings of a website, instead is really about the quality and the value of those links, and the domains/websites they are coming from.

Therefore rather than 100 poor-quality links, it is of much greater value to have 10 or even 5 but high-quality ones from respected, high authority websites and domains.

Think about it this way, if your website was in the education services business, an article from an established local or international university calling out a groundbreaking piece of research you have published, and linking back to that article would have a much higher value to signal Google, and the other search engines, the authority of your website, rather than a link from a random website outside of your industry.

And that is because relevancy is of paramount importance, and also the reason why it still makes sense and there is value in ensuring that a website is still listed in those directories relevant to its industry.

So an SEO outreach campaign is usually to cover those basic directory listings relevant to your industry, and the activity to plan and execute for the strategic amplification of unique, worthy content that is likely to attract quality links.

Since the SEO activities and work should always be crafted around the requirements of each individual website, there is no one-size-fits-all SEO solution that can be easily packaged and priced; so the short answer is that costs will depend and vary based on your unique needs.

As such, our team of SEO specialists will always start with an assessment of the SEO status of your website. Once the data is analysed and we have a full picture, we align that with your objectives and targets to build a SEO strategy that is unique to you and has been tailored to your website and requirements.

Additionally every response is different based also on the industry, how competitive that industry is, the target audience, etc. Whilst there is not a minimum or maximum figure, on average our clients invest a minimum of $2k/month for best results.

But with that said, we’d like to learn more about you and how we can help. Get in touch today for a free 30 minute strategy session, plus a free SEO audit of your website which includes a review of your industry, your audience and a competitor review. All worth well over $2,000 in consultancy fees given to you for free. No commitment required, no strings attached.

Determining the value of SEO can be quite complex and must be looked at from multiple angles. It’s not just a matter of calculating organic leads, sales and revenue growth, but instead it should be assessed by first establishing the current baseline value of the SEO traffic.

Then the value should be based on the incremental leads, sales and revenue generated by SEO from non-branded traffic. For example, let’s say that today your SEO traffic drives 100 sales per month worth $100,000, that should be your baseline, so the expectation should be that the SEO value is incremental to that amount.

Therefore, if in 6 months time the traffic from SEO is generating 150 sales and $150,000 revenue, of which 40% of the additional sales (and $40,000 revenue) are from non-brand, that is what the SEO work’s true value should be.

As mentioned at the beginning, it’s a little bit more complex than this, as some of the SEO work is also aimed at retaining the current status and rankings. Whilst this is just a very simple way to calculate how much SEO is worth, the reality is that the real value can be much higher.

The answer is simple, no there is no such a thing, and there are no Google SEO partner agencies, simply because Google does not promote any association or affiliation related to SEO. Contrary to the Google Premier Partner program that rewards selected agencies with a Google Premier Partner Agency status for Google Ads, there are no similar programs for SEO.

So beware, if an agency is claiming to be a Google SEO Partner, then this should raise a big red flag.