Amazon ads now fully available in Australia.

It’s nearly the end of June, and whilst Amazon ads in Australia started with testing and limited options back in April, it seems that now, after a few months and a seemingly quiet start, Amazon has brought Downunder all advertising options already available in other markets, like the US, the UK and Europe.

Only until a few weeks ago advertisers in Australia willing to place ads on Amazon properties (which include not only Amazon AU, but IMDb, Fire TV, Kindle and more) were able to choose only between Display ads, Video ads and the Amazon DSP.

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amazon ads

Now the full ad placement portfolio is available to brands in Australia and also includes Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands and Stores.

amazon ads

The change comes only a few days after Amazon announced the buy out of Sizmek, an ad serving technology that will allow the US-based giant to compete, and possibly challenge Google, and Facebook as a full ad platform, allowing advertisers not only to place ads but also fully measure them.

In light of these recent developments, will we soon start seeing more interest from Australian brands to run ads on Amazon? I guess that only time will tell, but for sure it will be exciting.