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It’s no big secret that the number of active users engaging with video sharing platforms is growing exponentially every year. It is reported that YouTube alone generates up to 1.7 billion unique visitors to their site every month. To put things into perspective, that’s close to a quarter of the estimated total population. In addition to other social media platforms, such as Instagram and TikTok, which also boast a broad audience, it has become evident that video marketing is offering an opportunity for advertisers to achieve unprecedented success.

As video clips are a form of multimedia content which can be passively consumed, they are innately more accessible and engaging to audiences when compared to other formats. This has made it crucial for businesses to consider video marketing in order to stay relevant, as the format effectively enables brands to concisely communicate their messaging to their target audiences. A survey conducted by Wyzowl pertaining to Video Marketing Statistics in 2022 suggests that 86% of businesses are incorporating some use of video in their marketing campaigns.

Unfortunately not every brand has the means nor the budget to produce exorbitant marketing campaigns, akin to iconic Super Bowl commercials that almost always end up permeating through the cultural zeitgeist. Though you can put your reticence aside, as video marketing affords a distinct benefit that is practically nonexistent across other channels; the opportunity to go viral.

If you’re somehow unfamiliar with the concept, a viral video is simply a video that naturally accrues staggering viewership, typically resulting from users sharing and discussing clips across social media platforms. Nobody can say how exactly one can go about producing a viral video. If anything, contrivances only prove to backfire on those attempting to force a viral sensation. Regardless, they prove to be a source of inspiration for many content creators as viral videos demonstrate that a large budget or impressive production value isn’t required to achieve incredible reach.

See the following SEJ article on 7 Times Brands Went Viral for All the Wrong Reasons.

This isn’t to say that the success of your video marketing campaign is contingent on becoming viral. Like most other digital marketing channels, mastery of your budget and a sound understanding of your target audience is all you need to devise a dominant campaign strategy. Though we’re not here to talk about strategy; for that you can check out this SEJ article which contains an in-depth guide on video marketing for business owners.

Instead, now that we’re all aware of the amazing potential that video marketing has on offer, I bet we’re all just itching to get out and produce some engaging video content. Though it isn’t that simple. You can’t just pick up a camera, point and shoot some footage, and then call it a day. The truth is a lot more goes into the production of simple videos than you may think; especially in regards to editing. If you plan on perusing the web for the best video editing programs, then chances are you’ll be inundated with an abundance of choice. There are plenty of great video editing tools available on the market which each provide their own benefits. Here are some of the best choices for beginners or video editors looking to expand their skill set.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is one of the most popular video editing apps available on the market and hardly requires an introduction. Many an editors’ choice as their go-to platform, Premiere Pro has cemented itself as the industry standard for video editing software. Supporting an extensive selection of video formats and offering innumerable advanced features, it’s no surprise why so many video editors swear by Premiere Pro.

Though all of these powerful features come with a downside. Many users find it difficult to get started as it doesn’t necessarily provide the most intuitive interface. So why include Adobe Premiere Pro on a list catered to beginners? Well due to its immense popularity, no other professional video editors on the market have the same level of content and resources available dedicated to teaching the software. Better yet. A lot of it can be accessed for free on YouTube. This allows users to get familiar with the software at their own pace and ensures that you won’t get stuck when trying to test out some of the advanced tools.

Premiere Pro makes up just one of many applications featured in Adobe’s Creative Cloud; a suite of powerful tools for graphic design, web design, video editing, and more. So you can be sure this won’t be the last of the Adobe products to be featured in this list.


  • Popularity ensures that there is plenty of content catered towards newcomers looking to learn.


  •  High Costs and subscription based model which mandates a recurring fee.

Magix Vegas Pro

If the name rings a bell, it may be because the software was formerly known as Sony Vegas Pro before being acquired by MAGIX in 2016. For a time, Vegas Pro was perceived to be an industry leader which rivalled Adobe’s Creative Cloud, and for good reason.

Vegas Pro offers a simple interface which is also highly customisable, making it immediately intuitive for beginners to try their hand at some quick edits. The software also arrives prepackaged with a number of built-in visual effects which are easy to implement. This means you don’t have to be a special effects guru to include flashy elements in your social media video advertisements.

Furthermore, it’s interesting to note that Vegas Pro was originally conceived as a piece of audio editing software. This has had an influence on the program which can be seen to this day, as Vegas Pro offers powerful audio-visual synchronisation tools which are especially handy if your marketing material features on screen dialogue. Coming with tools necessary for working on advanced projects while also remaining reasonably easy to use, Vegas Pro is a great choice for any budding online video editor.


  • Comes with powerful audio editing tools which aren’t commonly available in other video editing software.


  • Limited cross-platform capabilities means Vegas Pro is exclusive to Windows.

Apple Final Cut Pro

I’m sure that a good portion of you are reading this article on a Mac. Apple’s collection of products, whether it be hardware or software, have been historically defined by their accessibility. The intuitive nature of their user-friendly interfaces is unrivalled. This is especially evident with Apple apps functioning seamlessly on Apple hardware – their integration makes any task seem almost effortless. So this next recommendation is for all of you MacBook mavericks out there.

Final Cut Pro is Apple’s attempt at a premium non-linear editing (NLE) software (please do not confuse this with iMovie!) and leaves very little area for improvement. Intuitive is an understatement. Even the most troublesome tasks, such as advanced colour grading, have been made fairly simple.

It’s also quite generous in regards to compatibility. Final Cut Pro supports an extensive range of sound and video file formats – so you don’t have to be too concerned about importing your clips and audio tracks only to discover they’re not compatible.

Being that the Final Cut is exclusive to Macs, it means that the software was able to be designed and optimised for a specific device in mind. This approach has enabled Apple to significantly improve the application’s performance and can greatly expedite the export speed of your video projects.


  •  Unmatched user-friendly experience for a NLE and efficient integration across Apple devices.


  • Limited third party support with a lack of additional plug-ins.

DaVinci Resolve

The DaVinci Resolve is a complete piece of video editing software that offers a comprehensive selection of features. Though probably best known for its extraordinary colour correction tools, DaVinci Resolve also offers an abundance of eclectic tools which will carry you throughout the entire editing process. Unlike Adobe’s Creative Cloud which may require you to take advantage of multiple programs within the suite to achieve a desired result, DaVinci Resolve’s broad utility ensures you can use a single program to perfect your finished product.

Though because of its exhaustive collection of features, even seasoned video creators tend to struggle when coming to grips with this advanced video editing software. Though I’m going to justify its inclusion on this list because unlike the entries listed above, they offer a basic model entirely free of charge. And this isn’t just a trial neither; their free version of the software comes with no strings attached. The gratis software comes with all of the essential features offered in the paid version, with the exception of AI powered video effects, 4K export options, and a number of other intricate capabilities.

What I’m trying to say is that if you’re a beginner, you wont feel like you’re constantly being bombarded with artificial inconveniences in an attempt to coerce you into paying for a premium copy. Despite being a daunting piece of software, its price point makes it arguably one of the most beginner-friendly in the sense that you won’t have to fork over a single cent while you decide whether it’s the right program for you.


  • Free version is comparable (if not better) than a number of the popular NLE software available on the market.


  • Steep learning curve: Its comprehensive features and capabilities make it difficult for newcomers to fully utilise the software.


Here’s another video editing software which offers a free model with a load of premium features. Cloud storage, a great range of import formats, no watermarks! There are some minor caveats to the free version however; with users being limited to exporting their projects in a video quality that is no greater than 720p, and having to reactivate your account every 90 days – this is likely in effect for analytical purposes so as fellow marketers, this is a tolerable setback.

Quickly browsing Lightwork’s website reveals that it has been used to edit a number of iconic Hollywood films – Pulp Fiction, The Wolf Of Wall Street, and The King’s Speech to name a few. Similarly to DaVinci Resolve, using a software which provides such a comprehensive selection of features can invite a noticeable learning curve. Though being this software is free and trusted by professional editors, it’s definitely worth checking out if you’re new and want to assess all of the video editing software options available.


  • Free model which offers most of the essential features needed to get started.


  • Plagued by a number of reported stability issues and unintuitive hotkeys.

Adobe Premiere Rush

As previously mentioned, Premiere Pro wouldn’t be the last of the Adobe products to be featured on this list. But what is Premiere Rush and how does it compare to its distinguished counterpart? Well for starters, while Premiere Pro has set the industry standards as a well-rounded professional video editing tool, Premiere Rush is tailored more towards casual users. This makes it a choice for businesses who are looking to tackle their video marketing with a DIY approach.

If your video marketing campaign is limited to a meagre budget, then it’s entirely possible that you’re recording your footage on a mobile device. In fact, HubSpot suggests that 44% of marketers use an iPhone as their primary video recording device when shooting footage. If you’re amongst the marketers in this statistic, then Premiere Rush is especially useful for you. This is because unlike most other video editing software, one of the standout features of this app is that it is also available to use on mobile devices. Furthermore, you can save your progress through your Adobe Creative Cloud account and continue editing on a computer.

Premiere Rush also features what is arguably the most user-friendly interface on this list, yet its simplicity doesn’t greatly limit its capability either. The software features an intuitive motion graphics library which enables users to effortlessly take advantage of seamless transitions and visual effects that are popular throughout contemporary YouTube and TikTok trends. There is also an integrated stock library that features tons of clips, images, and audio files which users can freely incorporate into their project.

On top of all this, if you choose to pay for a single program instead of opting to subscribe for the entire Adobe suite, Premiere Rush is cheaper than Premiere Pro. Characterised by its accessibility for newcomers, this piece of editing software is the best choice for beginners with zero experience.


  • Designed specifically for casual video editors.


  • Offers fewer features when compared to Premiere Pro.


If you’re looking to focus your video marketing efforts on TikTok then CapCut is the definitive editing software for you. This is because CapCut was developed by ByteDance, the very same company responsible for creating TikTok. Being that CapCut is primarily designed for editing videos for mobile devices, it also removes the need for users to concern themselves over trivial issues, such as managing your aspect ratio.

CapCut isn’t exclusively limited to editing TikToks neither. Their simple social sharing features make it easier than ever to upload your edited videos across a number of social networks, like Instagram and YouTube. Their emphasis on social media platforms also enables them to include a built-in music library that contains a wide range of licensed tracks. Plus, it’s completely free to use!


  • User friendly interface makes it easy for any user to create engaging content for social media.


  • Limited feature set makes CapCut inferior to other video editing software. Though great for mobile, if your video marketing campaign isn’t exclusive to mobile platforms, then neither should your video editing software.

Bonus Tips

Now that you’re armed with the knowledge of the top video editing software that best suit your specific needs, it’s almost time to start working on your video marketing campaigns. However, there are a few extra things you should probably know before you get to work on your edits.

You’ll Need a PC That Packs a Punch

If you’re looking to edit your video marketing advertisements on a PC, then be warned, you’re going to need a powerful rig. Video editing software is notorious for being extremely CPU intensive, and in some instances, quite GPU intensive as well. While it’s not impossible to edit footage on a low-end PC, you’re really going to feel the burn when it comes time to export your finished product. 4K footage is sometimes known to take many hours to export, depending on the file format, much to the chagrin of many content creators. If you’re going to be editing videos regularly, then I suggest upgrading your hardware to alleviate these issues.

Don’t Neglect Audio Editing

It’s easy to get caught up in the visual elements of the video editing process but do remember that this is a form of multimedia content. The quality of your audio and sound effects plays a huge supporting role which is conducive to the success of your final product. If audio is a priority in your video marketing efforts then you might want to consider one of the listed software which feature integrated audio tools.

Tip of the Iceberg

If you’re getting comfortable with any of the programs featured on this list and are looking for alternatives with greater capabilities, then it doesn’t hurt to try out other options. You will find that once you get the hang of your first piece of video editing software, then other options become quite intuitive to pick up. Much of the experience you develop will be transferable to most other video editing software, and you will simply need to adjust to minor nuances.

Closing Words

Most video editing software is guilty of having interfaces which can be somewhat confusing to newcomers. Regardless of which video editing software you decide to pick up, be assured that there are plenty of online resources designed to guide you through the learning process. Persevere and I can guarantee that you will be a video editing wizard in no time. Now get out there and start producing some killer content today!