Welcome to The Digital Marketing Chronicles!

It’s an exciting day here at Ambire because we are finally able to unveil our newest project – The Digital Marketing Chronicles.

Recent weeks have shown us that digital marketing is currently going through some big changes, but it’s a space to be in that’s also rapidly gaining traction.

While we might not yet be giving Vogue’s 73 questions a run for their money any time soon, we think there are some pretty incredible individuals working in the digital marketing space who deserve the spotlight on them.

Each week we will sit down with these industry movers and shakers to get their thoughts about the biggest, hottest and most controversial topics making waves in the digital marketing scene.

To kick things off, we chatted to Atomic 212°’s Co-Founder and Chief Financial Officer, James Dixon about his own life and career, as well as the Facebook v Australian government battle that’s currently being waged.

Then we chatted to Brodie Clark, one of Australia’s only independent SEO consultants, about the growth he sees in the Australian SEO industry, and his own path so far.

Ryan Primrose from Flowers for Everyone was in the hot seat next – chatting about digital marketing from a client perspective.

Stay tuned – as we’ll be hearing from other major players in the Australian digital marketing landscape in the coming weeks and months.