Valentine’s Day is one of the most crucial dates on the marketing calendar for many online retailers! As a day centred about love and romance, many utilise the love language of giving gifts to show their special someone their adoration. It’s a time for businesses to capitalise on this flurry of customers, and standing out among the competition is crucial. This is where SEO for Valentine’s Day comes in. 

SEO for Valentine’s Day refers to practices that are geared towards capitalising on searches relevant to the holiday; Valentine’s Day SEO keywords. It allows you to gain optimal visibility for customers eyeing potential gifts and services for the day. To get you sorted in the lead up, we have compiled an SEO Valentine’s Day checklist so you can dominate the search engines. 

1. Keywords Search Engines Will Heart

Like any SEO strategy, keyword research is the heart of the process. Use tools such as SEMrush and Google Keyword Planner to curate a list of relevant Valentine’s Day SEO keywords, which you can use to complement your existing keywords. This will also be a good time to update your existing keyword research to assess whether you are still targeting the most relevant search terms.

2. Valentine’s Day Landing Page

If you sell many products and services that are relevant to Valentine’s Day, then a Valentine’s Day-themed landing page is an excellent SEO strategy. This is an avenue that allows you to concentrate your Valentine’s Day keywords effectively, making your web page more likely to appear in search engines for these terms. 

By optimising this page with unique content, relevant keywords, and attractive visuals, you can effectively capture the attention of your audience during this romantic season.

3. Valentine’s Day Content With Purpose 

You have keywords and possibly a Valentine’s Day landing page in the works. A way to maximise the potential of both of these is to create Valentine’s Day oriented content.  Develop content that resonates with the Valentine’s Day theme. This could include blog posts about gift ideas, romantic dinner recipes, or guides on celebrating the day. Quality content around these topics can attract more visitors during this season.

A photo of two cartooned hearts with arms and legs holding hands with shopping bags.

When creating this content, make sure to exercise ‘Expertise’ as per Google’s EEAT content guidelines. EEAT refers to ‘Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness’ and is the criteria to follow in order to rank well on Google search engines.  In other words, make sure you can add a level of expertise to your Valentine’s Day content. Be authentic to your brand, and give information pertaining to your products and services that showcases your knowledge whilst being Valentine’s related. 

4. Wield Your Email Marketing 

While you want to attract new customers, you don’t want to forget your loyal ones. Valentine’s Day digital marketing can be done through your regular email marketing schedule. To make Valentine’s Day newsletters SEO-friendly, include relevant keywords and phrases in the subject line and body text that align with common Valentine’s Day search queries. Additionally, ensure the newsletter contains links back to your website’s Valentine’s Day-themed content or landing page, as this can drive traffic to your site and improve its overall SEO performance by creating a cohesive link between your email marketing and web content.

5. Local SEO For Time Crunched Valentine’s 

Many may seek Valentine’s Day gifts that are from stores near them, especially if they are on a time crunch. If you have a physical store or a local service, you will want to capitalise on this. Optimise your local SEO for Sydney residents, or wherever you are based by updating your Google My Business listing with Valentine’s Day specials, operating hours, and themed events. Additionally, use local keywords in your website’s Valentine’s Day content and meta descriptions. 

6.  Phone In Valentine’s Day SEO

Mobile optimisation is a key part of any organic strategy, and particularly for Valentine’s Day SEO, as many will appreciate the convenience of browsing on the go. Having a mobile-friendly website is crucial, especially during high-traffic periods like Valentine’s Day, as it caters to the growing number of users who prefer to browse and shop on their smartphones. 

By ensuring quick load times and easy navigation on mobile devices, you can significantly reduce bounce rates and increase the likelihood of conversions, making the user’s shopping experience for Valentine’s Day 2024 gifts efficient.

Valentine’s Day SEO Checklist, With Love

By implementing SEO for Valentine’s Day measures, you can stand out amongst competitors during the fruitful period as customers rush to buy products and services to express their love for their partner. Make Valentine’s Day 2024 one where your business thrives on Google Search.