Your Google ads account is home to everything online marketing related. It is the account where you create, manage and analyse the results of your PPC advertisements. Its importance to your online marketing strategy and campaigns means it should be optimised and used to its full potential.

We are going to take you through some advanced ad account strategies. From managing your campaigns more easily to streamlining your account, here are some handy strategies for you to try.

Bid Modification

Bid modifiers allow you to adjust your bids for specific criteria without changing the targeting of your campaign or ad group. ROI- focused ad optimisations such as this will prove useful when you want to change your bids based on location, time of day or other factors.

To use a bid modifier:

  • Sign in to your Google Ads account.
  • Click on the Campaigns tab.
  • Select the campaign or ad group that you want to adjust the bid for.How To Change Bid Strategy In Google Ads
  • Click on the Settings tab.
  • Under Bid adjustments you will see a list of different criteria that you can adjust your bids for.
  • Click on the + button to add a new bid adjustment.
  • Select the criterion that you want to adjust your bid for and enter the percentage adjustment.
  • Click the Save button.

For example, if you want to increase your bids by 20% for all searches on computers, you would create a new bid adjustment for the Device criterion and enter a percentage of 20%.

When using bid modifiers, consider:

  • Using bid modifiers to increase your bids for the criteria that are most important to your business. For example, if you’re a local business, you might want to increase your bids for searches in your local area.
  • Using bid modifiers to decrease your bids for the criteria that are less important to your business or that are not performing well. For example, if you’re not getting many conversions from searches on mobile devices, you might want to decrease your bids for those searches.
  • Experiment with different bid modifiers to see what works best for your business. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to using bid modifiers.

By following these tips, you can use bid modifiers to improve the performance of your Google Ads campaigns and get more out of your advertising budget.

Use Google AI tools

There are a variety of Google Ads AI tools at your disposal that can improve the quality and usage of your account.

Some of the most popular Google Ads AI tools are:

  • Smart Bidding: Smart Bidding is a machine learning technology that uses past data to automatically adjust your bids to help you get more conversions from your budget.
  • Recommendations: The Recommendations page shows you a list of suggestions for how to improve your campaigns. These suggestions are based on past data and machine learning, and they can help you to improve your performance and save money.
  • Audience insights: The Audience insights page shows you detailed information about your audience, such as their demographics, interests, and devices. This information can help you to create more targeted campaigns and ad copy. There is also a predictive audience tab within this section. This predicts the groups of people who are likely to take a specific action in the future, such as making a purchase, allowing you to target your ads accordingly.
  • Keyword Planner: The Keyword planner tool helps you to research keywords and get ideas for new keywords to add to your campaigns. It also provides data on search volume, competition, and cost.
  • Performance Planner: The Performance Planner tool helps you to forecast the performance of your campaigns. This information can help you to set realistic goals and budgets.

Google Ads AI tools can be a very effective way to improve your campaign and account performance.

You might be using many services afforded by Google, but are they linked to your Google Ads account? By linking services to your Google Ads account, you can get a more informed view of your customer data and performance. This information can be used to improve your campaigns, increase your conversions, and reduce your costs.

Here are some services you may like to link to your Google Ads account:

  • Google Analytics: Linking Google Analytics to your Google Ads account allows you to track the performance of your campaigns directly in Google Ads. You can also use Google Analytics data to create custom audiences and target your ads more effectively.
  • Google Merchant Center: Linking Google Merchant Center to your Google Ads account allows you to create Shopping campaigns and upload your product data to Google, making it available to Google Shopping.
  • Google Optimise: Linking Google Optimise to your Google Ads account allows you to test different versions of your landing pages and see which versions convert best.

Overall, linking services to your Google Ads account is a great way to improve the performance of your campaigns, save time and effort, and get better insights into your customer behaviour.


Notations in Google Ads are notes that you can add to various items in your account, from campaigns to keywords. They are often forgotten about but are very useful in tracking changes, providing context and adding useful information.

To add a notation, click on the Notes icon next to the item you want to add the notation to. Then, enter your notation and click Save.

Notations can be public or private. Public notations can be seen by other users in your account, while private notations can only be seen by you. Public notations in particular will be handy for providing instruction and reminders for certain tasks.

To change the privacy setting for a notation, click on the Notes icon next to the notation and then click on the privacy setting.

Advanced Ad Targeting Methods for Google Ads

Google Ads is a popular platform used to create PPC campaigns for your business. Simple strategies and tips such as these make it an even more streamlined and effective program to achieve your online marketing goals.