The Advantages of working with a Google Premier Partner Agency

That’s us, by the way. 

Google Premier Partner Agency
Ambire is one of a select few Google Premier Partners.
Google Premier Partner Agency
Ambire is one of a select few Google Premier Partners.
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    We all know by now that Google Ads is one of the most important platforms for companies and businesses trying to sell products and services online. 

    We even recently asked whether or not Google Ads will ever rule the world, although we still hope to never see that series of events arise.  

    But, did you know that only a select few agencies are certified as a Google premier partner? 

    Ambire is one of them.

    This means, amongst other things, that we have exclusive access to training, resources and advice – straight from the horse’s mouth (okay, maybe more realistically from their email, but, you get my gist).

    Any agency certified by Google is trusted by the search engine to operate along best practice guidelines set out by Google Ads itself.

    You might be surprised to learn it – but there are some high standards for Google Partners.  

    This recognition lets us know we are doing the right thing, and that’s being recognised by the search engine giant itself – which is pretty incredible when you think about it. 

    But, what are the Google premier partner benefits for you, the clients? 

    Before we dive in, however, let’s just clarify what the difference is between being a Google Partner and a Google Premier Partner. 

    So, the partners’ program obviously requires the agency to be competent in a whole list of categories. But, different levels of certifications and qualifications are required for the two labels.

    Only the top 3% of Google Partners are awarded Premier Partner status – basically like a big pat on the back and a recommendation from the search engine that these guys are the ones you can really trust with your PPC campaigns.

    The search engine giant monitors the activity of all of its partners and focuses on factors like minimum ad spend, performance and certifications. 

    You have to be qualified in order to receive an invitation to be a Google partner agency. Simply running a digital marketing blog with zero credentials behind it just won’t cut it in the big leagues.

    When you see the Google partner badge, you can rest assured the agency is really pushing above and beyond what is required of them. It’s also a dynamic badge, meaning the agency must be consistent in its performance requirements. If they don’t, their partner badge could be revoked … and it’s back to the beginning of the application process again.

    Ok, not really how it works – but you know what I mean.

    1. Access to Beta features before they are available to the public

    Digital marketing is a game of speed where you’re constantly fighting to firstly improve and then to retain your status at the top. 

    The companies which are first to change their website and ads campaigns to respond to changes in Google Ads‘ software will be those who win.

    So, having access to beta features before they are released can be a huge leg up on the competition  as you’ll get access to technology that competitors won’t be able to touch for a year.

    Oftentimes, features still in development will come with instructions on how best to optimise your site and ad campaigns to be better prepared for the changes.

    2. Exclusive opportunities for training and related materials

    Continuing on from what I said before, we all know that Google likes to change its services and algorithms regularly in order to continue to provide the best user experience possible. 

    Sometimes, however, for agencies and brands, it can be tricky to keep up with all of these adjustments – whether its to Ads, analytics, browsers or the Cloud, especially when you’ve got so much else to focus on.

    Well, work with a Google partner and you’ll find this easier. Certified partners receive early access to training materials and guides to make transitioning to a new system or piece of software even easier.  

    This was particularly evident with the recent update to Google Analytics V4. The materials provided directly by Google were incredibly useful both for client and agency as we made the transition to a new system. 

    3. Data from the horse’s mouth

    Apologies for how many times I’m comparing Google to a horse in this article.

    But really, it’s pretty incredible just how willing they are to share their data and insights with certified partners, who, of course, pass this knowledge on to clients.

    Education is key, here.

    Last year’s upheavals came as a shock to everyone, clearly. But Google worked closely with partner agencies in order to share insights and forecasts in real time, helping agencies to better prepare their clients for changes in consumer behaviour. 

    For agencies, who often face the problem of having to rely on historical data – these kind of real time updates are invaluable – especially when they come from Google, which tracks thousands of kinds of data about audience, trend and individual choices.

    Furthermore, since the beginning of the COVID crisis, Google has become increasingly willing to share such data, which is all the better for its premier partner agencies and their clients. 

    4. Direct technical help

    Sometimes, things go wrong. That’s just an unfortunate fact of life, and one which is equally as applicable when you’re working in the world of Google Ads

    Take this as an example. We recently published an ad for one of our clients using the keyword ‘Sydney CBD’. Now, obviously the kind of CBD we are talking about is the central business district, Sydney, rather than any kind of illicit substance that we most definitely do not advertise for our clients. 

    Well, for a few reasons, Google’s display advertising bots did not interpret it in that way and the ad was pulled for violating Google’s quality guidelines. 

    But, rather than throwing our hands in the hair and lamenting the search engine giant’s strict performance requirements, we simply contacted them directly through our manager account. 

    Quickly, the problem was resolved. 

    Google is happy to do the same kind of troubleshooting when Google Ads campaigns of all kinds require it. An example could be a campaign being attacked by malware. After all, online advertising can be tricky to get your head around, especially because Google algorithms are constantly being updated. 

    Achieving Google partner status means having access to enhanced benefits. As a client, this is invaluable as it means less time wasted on fixing little details and technology issues, and more time with your ads live, getting clicks and, of course, making you money. 

    5. Chats with the big guys (Google)

    Being a Google Partner means having access to the entire Google community – a network of savvy digital marketing professionals who want to help you and your marketing campaigns succeed. 

    As a client, you’re also invited to join this exclusive club. As well as connecting with all of Google’s experts, there is the possibility of attending three-way meetings where the agency, Google professionals and the client come together in order to share ideas and learnings. It’s also a time for you to speak directly to Google technicians and ask any questions you may have. All of this is designed, of course, to help you and your business succeed, no matter the size of your goals.

    This is a huge benefit for clients and ours are often very appreciative not only of this direct insight into Google Ads but for the enormous amount of knowledge about what their competitors are doing. 

    It’s also invaluable to have this VIP connection because it means no time wasted sitting around on hold only to be told you’ve called the wrong department. 

    Instead, your Google Premier Partner can get in touch with Google instantly and directly, saving you time and stress in the end.

    So, if you’re on the market for a new digital marketing agency – it pays to shop around and find a Google Premier Partner. Your business will begin reaping the rewards, conversions and ultimately sales.

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