As I look back at the last two months of my internship at Ambire, I am filled with a sense of deep appreciation for the knowledge and skills I gained. As a self-proclaimed serial university student – one who has bounced between a myriad of university degrees including but not limited to; Law, Journalism and Chemistry – I can confidently say that my work at Ambire has confirmed my interest in the digital sphere and reassured me that I was finally on the right path. 


The Journey

As I dove into the intricate and ever-evolving domain of digital marketing, I found myself consistently challenged and inspired by the dynamic nature of the industry. Fortunately, Ambire cultivates a truly amazing work environment that is highly conducive to learning, and Ambire co-founder, Andrea Atzori, fosters a culture of openness and accessibility that allowed me to seek his opinion and feedback on any matter. His eagerness to impart knowledge and insights was truly invaluable to my experience. 


The digital marketing tools and skills I acquired during my internship were wide-ranging and comprehensive, spanning from Google Analytics and Mailchimp to Facebook and Google Ads. I even discovered the indispensable power of Excel (a digital marketer’s best friend), using pivot tables and formulas to interpret data metrics and client performance reports. In addition to gaining expertise in digital marketing tools, I also honed my skills in creating and publishing EDMs and designing customised email templates for clients. These endeavours enabled me to express my creative flair and showcase my design sensibilities.


Any highlights?

Working with real clients on real projects was undoubtedly one of the most rewarding aspects of my internship at Ambire. The ability to apply the skills I was learning in a practical and meaningful way was incredibly satisfying. Not only was I able to produce work that truly mattered, but I was also able to establish professional relationships with our clients, giving me the opportunity to interact with and learn from industry experts. I was able to work on exciting projects like creating engaging social content for our clients and managing their paid and organic social media accounts. Consequently, I spent a lot of time staring at flowers. Yes, you read that right. Ambire is a digital marketing agency that does amazing work for a range of florists and other businesses in the floral industry.

Let me tell you, you can never tire from looking at flowers. 


The most significant milestone of my internship was when I was offered a part-time role at Ambire, which I eagerly accepted. As part of my new responsibilities, I am responsible for crafting compelling marketing emails, as well as the social content for our clients, managing their paid and organic social media strategies.


Ultimately, my time as an intern at Ambire was an educational journey to career growth, and I am profoundly grateful for the experience. It has truly equipped me in a way that my university degree couldn’t. The supportive and stimulating work environment, coupled with the opportunity to work on challenging assignments, contributed immensely to my professional development. I would highly recommend Ambire to aspiring digital marketers seeking a platform for learning and growth.