The Instagram team has developed Threads – a new app designed for sharing text updates and participating in public conversation. Much like Instagram, Threads allows you to follow and connect with friends, and content creators who share similar interests. Upon its launch, numerous brands have embraced the app as an additional marketing tool to engage with customers, and foster reach and engagement. Based on the number of growing users, businesses should also note that the app plans to introduce paid ads at a later stage. In an ever-evolving social media landscape, small to enterprise-level businesses must continually adapt to maintain a competitive edge. Here at Ambire, we know that embracing innovation and experimentation is key, and in this article, we detail whether you should join the app, what social media strategies you should implement to drive meaningful outcomes for your business, and the longevity of Instagram Threads.

What Is Instagram Threads

Much like Twitter or now known as X, the Instagram Threads app allows a brand or individual to share their real-time status, allowing for an instant connection with their audience. With this feature, brands can provide real-time updates on various aspects of their business, ranging from product launches, exclusive promotions, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and upcoming or real-time events. This fosters a deeper connection with their audience, and keeps them engaged and informed about the latest developments.

When you open the Threads app, your feed will include posts by people you already follow on Instagram, and recommended content from new creators for you to discover. Brands and users can create Thread posts of up to 500 characters in length, enabling you to also share links, videos and photos, which can easily be shared to your Instagram Story. Furthermore, brands have the ability to comment on other Threads and breaking news, share thoughts on social issues, and discuss the latest pop culture happenings.


Should I Join Threads For My Business? 

Deciding whether to join Threads for your brand should be guided by a careful consideration of various factors that align with your business, marketing and communication objectives. As mentioned, the app provides a seamless experience for sharing real-time updates and fostering public conversations, potentially increasing your brand’s visibility and customer loyalty, and fostering a community around your services and products. To help you decide whether you should join or not join Instagram Threads, consider the following: 

  • Assess the need to join Threads – if this is the right fit for your business, and if its features effectively align with your marketing goals. This includes assessing whether the format of microblogging is suited to your content strategy, and if concise, real-time updates and conversations suit your brand’s voice and messaging.
  • Evaluate the benefits to your business, such as increased reach, engagement, and community building with your target audience. Evaluate whether your target market is active on Instagram Threads, and would likely engage in microblogging.
  • Evaluate the necessary time and resources needed for managing an additional social media account, monitoring and analysing its performance, and then compare these factors with the potential benefits.



How To Leverage On The Benefits Of Instagram Threads? Social Media Strategies

Brands should understand the marketing prospects Threads offers owing to its expanding user community and distinct attributes. The below should be strategically employed to optimise your product or service promotion, grow your brand recognition and customer base.


1. Use the platform to reach and connect with your customers:

  • To attract interest, have a plan, establish your voice, experiment, and learn.
  • Instagram Threads is a thriving hub of activity. By not taking your brand too seriously, and immersing yourself in the ongoing action, you can maintain your business’ relevance and stay engaged in the conversation.
  • It has been reported that the Instagram team will be implementing branded content tools for paid promotion opportunities, and that advertisements will be added once the site has a number of users.
  • At the moment, brands are not able to buy advertising space, however it is anticipated that advertising will make up a sizable portion of Threads’ overall earnings.
  • In the meantime, businesses are encouraged to employ hashtags and language that clearly disclose sponsored agreements.


2. Develop exclusive content & visual appeal:

  • Offer exclusive content, promotions, and sneak peaks to Thread users. This encourages users to follow and engage with your brand on the platform, creating a sense of exclusivity and loyalty.
  • Furthermore, the app’s focus on exclusivity and privacy gives brands the chance to develop more individualised content, and therefore fosters stronger connections with its followers.
    • When it comes to Instagram Thread ideas, this could include behind-the-scenes glimpses of your brand’s creative process, giving users an inside look at product development, and team interactions that they wouldn’t find on your main social media profile. This type of content creates a sense of exclusivity, and makes users feel like they’re getting special access to your brand’s inner workings.
  • Just like Instagram, Threads is a visual platform. Use quality images, graphics and videos that align with your band’s aesthetic to capture the user’s attention and convey your message effectively.
  • Features such as stories, polls, and interactive elements can also help you create exclusive, engaging and interactive content that resonates with your audience.
  • Exclusive content encourages users to follow and engage with your brand on the platform, creating a sense of loyalty.


3. Foster engagement & interaction:

  • Just like all social media platforms, actively participate in threaded discussions and conversions.
  • Respond promptly to questions and comments from your Instagram Threads posts, fostering a sense of community and showing your brand’s commitment to engagement.


4. Explore collaborations & partnerships on Instagram Threads:

  • The app provides a unique opportunity for collaboration with influential creators and thought leaders, who have a devoted following on Threads. Identify relevant influencers, collaborators, and complementary brands within the app. As part of your social media strategy, partnering with them in threaded conversations can expand your reach, and introduce your brand to new audiences.
  • Team up with these influencers to endorse your service or product, and these influencer engagements can go beyond one-time projects. Long-term partnerships between brands and influencers enable ongoing brand exposure, and closer ties to the influencer’s audience.
  • When working with influencers on the app, it is crucial to set up clean goals and analytics.


5. Monitor, measure & adapt:

  • This brings us to the last point – when it comes to social media management, we recommend regularly monitoring the performance of your threaded content and your partnerships. 
  • Analyse engagement metrics, conversions, trends, and feedback to refine your strategy, increase the return on social media spendings, and ensure it aligns with your business goals.

Which Is Better? Instagram Threads vs Twitter

Threads on Instagram and Twitter / X, despite being well-known microblogging platforms, offer unique experiences tailored to diverse user preferences. While Twitter / X excels in its ability to spark swift conversations and rapidly disseminate information, Threads offers a platform that encourages more thoughtful and prolonged exchanges.

Twitter / X


Twitter is a well-established social media platform known for its real-time updates, short and concise tweets, and ability to follow and engage with a wide range of users, including brands, celebrities and influencers. Twitter revolves around succinct and real-time communication, utilising its character limit to produce concise yet impactful messages. It serves as a hub for breaking news, rapid updates, and direct interactions with a global audience. This makes it an ideal platform for sharing quick thoughts, and engaging in fast discussions.


In terms of cons, Tweets are short, text-based updates with a 280 character limit, which can sometimes restrict the depth and complexity of discussions. Furthermore, given Twitter’s rapid tempo, tweets have a brief existence before becoming lost within the timeline. With Elong Musk’s acquisition and the swift implementation of changes to its functionality and policies, there has been a notable decline in its user base, consequently impacting its marketing potential.

Instagram Threads


Threads introduces a new dimension to communication by enabling users to engage in threaded conversations. This format allows for more extended and focused discussions that evolve over time. The app is designed to facilitate in-depth dialogues, making it particularly suited for sharing intricate narratives, and engaging in extended discussions, fostering a richer and more immersive conversational experience.


Currently, Threads is confined to the sharing of updates within a more exclusive circle of friends. It enables businesses to engage directly with their customers and followers, building a more authentic and personal relationship. This limitation might not align with the preferences of businesses and individuals aiming to reach a wider and more diverse audience for their content. While this exclusivity fosters a sense of intimacy with followers, it could potentially hinder the ability to connect with a broader range of individuals. As an outcome, those looking to engage with a larger community or attract a more extensive following might find the current setup somewhat restrictive in achieving their goals.

In summary, Twitter / X stands a platform designed for expansive reach and open discussion. In comparison, Threads facilitates a more secluded and intimate communication atmosphere among a select group of users, fostering loyalty and endearing trust. The decision to opt for Twitter / X or Threads by Instagram depends on your specific needs, preferences, and goals.

How Are Businesses & Marketers Reacting To Threads?

Brands have quickly embraced Threads, mirroring users’ enthusiasm, and strategically chasing the coveted position of early adopters, reaping the earned reach that came with it. According to Smart Company, brands who are seeing the most success are those bringing their personality to the app, leading with compelling copy that is timely, attention-grabbing and witty. It is yet to be seen whether the approach to developing Threads strategies by brands and social media marketing agencies will differ from the strategies used for Twitter. Nonetheless, certain enduring principles of social brand marketing and creativity will undoubtedly persist regardless of the platform.



The Longevity Of Instagram Threads

The online landscape is ever-evolving, and the status of specific apps or services can change over time. The survival of Threads, and whether you should invest in this app is a topic of speculation and debate. While Threads by Instagram have managed to thrive thus far, its future is subject to various factors. Its continued updates and algorithm changes could influence how Threads are presented and engaged with, potentially impacting its longevity. Furthermore, changes in user behaviour and preferences might lead to the emergence of new features or competitors that could challenge the longevity of the platform. If Instagram adapts to meet the changing needs of its user base and remains a hub for visual storytelling, then Threads could continue to play a role in facilitating deeper interactions and fostering communities. 

Ultimately, the survival of Threads from Instagram hinges on the platform’s ability to innovate, adapt, and maintain its relevance in a dynamic digital landscape. As long as users find value in the narrative and conversational aspects of Threads, there is a chance that the platform will endure, albeit potentially in different shapes and formats. Over time, we’ll see whether Instagram Threads will stand the test of time or evolve into new modes of online interaction.

When it comes to a social media marketing strategy, the Instagram Threads app can present businesses and marketers with a dynamic avenue for fostering closer connections and engagement with their audiences. Whilst Twitter offers a wide-reaching platform for public discourse, time will tell whether embracing Threads on Instagram can be a means to cultivate brand loyalty. Adapting and leveraging this tool thoughtfully may well offer a gateway to heightened engagement, shaping the way businesses and consumers interact in the digital age.