The simple snippet of code that can unlock valuable insights into your core audience.

One of the key challenges every marketer faces, whether it be B2B, B2C or anything in between – is the ability to accurately identify particular characteristics of their website audiences.

While there are already free tools available to help identify interests, in-market and affinity segments of your website audiences, when it comes to the professional profile of a user, there’s limited detail available.

That’s where LinkedIn comes in.

Arguably one of the most accurate platforms to access a user’s professional attributes, LinkedIn has the potential to unlock valuable insights to users in your core target audience.

The question is – how do we know what these users are doing on your website?

While this might not come as news to some, our friends over at LinkedIn have a very handy pixel, commonly used for paid campaigns, referred to as the LinkedIn Insights Tag.

What Is The LinkedIn Insights Tag?

The LinkedIn Insights tag is a simple snippet of code that sits on your website, with the main objective of tracking and optimising your LinkedIn campaigns.

Yes, we know it sounds like any other marketing pixel on your website, but the gem here is the Audience Insights and Demographic reporting element.

Even more useful – you don’t actually need to run a paid campaign to reap the benefits! Simply deploy the code and you’re good to go.

How Does It Work?

The Demographic or Audience Insights feature uses the pixel to identify visitors to your website based on the characteristics in their LinkedIn profile.

This includes:

  • Job function
  • Job Title
  • Company
  • Company Industry
  • Job Seniority
  • Company Size
  • Location
  • Country

Yes, this does mean you can see if competing companies are keeping an eye on you!

But more importantly, by analysing this feature, you have the ability to determine the audiences that over-index on your website. Additionally, it gives visibility across those demographics you might intend to index highly on, that need room for improvement.

How Do I Set It Up?

The set-up is simple. The tag is compatible with most tag managers, including Google, Tealium and Adobe.

If DIY is more your style, you can manually install the tag in the global footer of your website, or send the code with (pre-written) instructions directly to your website developer or team.

Once the code is deployed to the live site, the data will start to populate in the Website Demographics tab of Linkedin Campaign Manager.

Most Importantly, How Does It Help Marketers?

Outside of providing a broad overview of the professional makeup of your core audience, the key is to use the data to help to inform your targeting and content strategy.

Make the data work for you by creating custom audiences in LinkedIn based on content viewed on your website.

You can also take it one step further by grouping key landing pages, or conversion points in your existing user flow to understand more about who’s taking action on your site.

For example, if you want to see which users are viewing the content on your website related to ‘Accounting Software’, create a custom audience based on the key Accounting Software URLs you wish to track.

From here, you can see the demographics of users who are viewing those particular pages.

  • Are they key decision makers?
  • Are they small business owners?
  • Is the company industry relevant to your product offering? Or, could it be?And, most commonly:
  • Why aren’t they converting!!?

If you have ‘/success’ or ‘/thankyou’ pages as conversion points, try creating an ‘Accounting Software Converters’ audience group to better understand who is taking the most important actions on your site.

While these insights might seem to only scratch the surface for some companies, for those who have the professional audience as one of the many facets of their core target market, the LinkedIn Insights Tag is a low-effort, easy to manage feature that can bring you one step closer to better understanding your audience.

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