The Christmas lead up is a chaotic time for businesses, as they work overtime to ensure their advertising and marketing efforts are fruitful come present time. Unfortunately, it doesn’t end there. Boxing Day is the day after Christmas, and with that comes a flurry of frenzied shoppers as businesses have huge sales to maximise the profits the public holiday can yield. 

Despite the craziness, Boxing Day can bring newfound attention to your business, as new and longtime customers clammer to check out the deals on offer. During this time, new names are added to various mailing lists your company has to offer. It is the perfect opportunity to capitalise on your marketing efforts and convert newcomers to loyal customers. This is where post Boxing Day marketing comes in. 

We will be providing you with five tips to turn one-time Boxing Day purchasers into consistent customers. Our marketing strategies will ensure that buyers will want to be coming back for more all year round. 

1. Targeted Email Marketing Campaigns

The humble email has stood the test of time when it comes to Boxing Day marketing, for good reason. Those who sign up to a mailing list get direct messages and reach from your company, unlike social media posts which can sometimes be missed. 

Utilise your email list to reach out to customers who made purchases during Boxing Day. Tailor your messages to include special offers, recommendations based on their previous purchases, or exclusive previews of upcoming products or sales. Additionally, segment your email list to deliver more personalised content, such as targeting specific demographics or interests, which can significantly increase engagement and conversion rates. Remember, specificity is key! Customers will be less inclined to open emails from your business if you advertise products they will not be interested in.

2. Phone In Your Flash Sales

Your business may be having flash sales during Boxing Day, and the days after. Flash sales refer to a sale of products at greatly reduced prices for a short period of time. These short term Boxing Day sales online or in store are best encapsulated by short, snappy text messages. Photo of a clearance sign in a store

Text messages are often read within just a few minutes of receipt. This immediacy is critical for the time-sensitive nature of flash sales, ensuring that the information reaches customers almost instantly. The concise format of text messages compels straightforward and clear communication, which is ideal for conveying the essential details of a flash sale, such as the discount offer and the limited time frame.

3.Give Them A Voice

Whether customers were shopping in store or online, they would have all gone through the process of purchasing a product. This is where feedback surveys can provide two benefits in a simple yet effective strategy.

Use either email or SMS to gather customer feedback about their Boxing Day 2023 shopping experience with your brand. This interaction fosters a stronger customer relationship, as it demonstrates your commitment to customer satisfaction and continuous improvement based on their experiences and suggestions. Your feedback email can also include a marketing incentive to further encourage customers to fill out the survey, and come back to your store. Whether it’s a chance to win a competition, or a 10% discount for your next purchase, this will surely leave a mark on customers. 

4.New Year, New Products

Boxing Day rolls into the New Year quickly, so why not capitalise on your new, upcoming products? 

Utilise your mailing list, Paid Media, and social media to show exclusive sneak peeks or early access to new products launching in the new year. This can build excitement and anticipation. By strategically revealing teasers or previews through these channels, you create a buzz around your upcoming offerings, engaging your audience and keeping your brand at the forefront of their minds. Additionally, by offering early access or special promotions to your mailing list, subscribers can enhance the feeling of exclusivity and loyalty among your customer base. This encourages them to stay engaged and look forward to your new releases.

5. Update Your Boxing Day Landing Page

You will likely have an existing Boxing Day 2023 landing page created in the leadup to the day. A Boxing Day landing page is a specialised web page designed specifically for marketing and promotional activities related to Boxing Day sales. 

Don’t take it down just yet! Instead, update your Boxing Day landing page to maintain customer interest and capitalise on the extended holiday shopping momentum. First, transition the focus from Boxing Day specific deals to the more general holiday season or New Year sales. This could involve updating the messaging and graphics to reflect a New Year theme, promoting products or services that align with common New Year resolutions, or themes of renewal and fresh starts. 

It’s important to refresh promotional offers, perhaps introducing new discounts or highlighting the most popular types of products. Updating call-to-actions (CTAs) is also crucial; they should now reflect the new nature of the promotions, like “New Year Specials” or “Start 2024 With A Bang”. As it is still soon after Boxing Day, you might like to retain the Boxing Day Keyword Research you have already used, whilst also using New Year related ones. This strategic update helps in retaining customer interest, and leverages the ongoing holiday shopping enthusiasm.

Post-Boxing Day Marketing: Essential In 2024

Boxing Day is an important day in the retail calendar. But it doesn’t have to end when the clock strikes 12. Post-Boxing Day advertisements can extend beyond the day, allowing you to attract customers, who will remain eager for what you have to offer in the coming year.