Google Shopping

Google Shopping provides a powerful opportunity for online businesses to cut through the noise and display their most relevant products at the top of Google’s search results.

Operating as an online marketplace, Google Shopping provides consumers with an exclusive shopping experience where they can research and compare products listed on a myriad of eCommerce stores – similar to how they would behave in a physical shopping mall.

If you’re running your own eCommerce store or retail business, you can’t afford to ignore the value of Google Shopping. Not only will your products be showcased on the world’s most popular search engine, but they’ll also be placed in front of customers who’re ready and willing to spend. So the chances of them clicking through are high.

Google Shopping
Google Shopping Ads on mobile

Capture and convert prospective customers

With the ever-increasing competition online, crafting a unique and eye-catching Google Shopping campaign will ensure your website is placed squarely in front of ready-to-buy consumers who’re looking for your products.

When a user searches for a particular item online, Google cleverly scans its Google Merchant database to select the most relevant, top-rated and high-quality products. This is all part of Google’s commitment to providing its users with complete and reliable information. But without a fully optimised Shopping campaign, your ads won’t even get the chance to shine.

As a Google Shopping agency, our extensive knowledge, skill set and experience working with Google’s tools and targeting capabilities have allowed us to build highly successful campaigns that convert.

Our expert team of Google Shopping specialists will harness the full potential of Google’s Shopping Network to ensure your products, sales and promotions are showcased to the right people, in the right place, at the right time. From product submission to Google’s Merchant Centre to ad design, right through to bidding, reporting and ongoing campaign optimisation – we’ve got you covered.

Know you’re in good hands

Partner with the most experienced Google Shopping agency Sydney has to offer.

Using tools available within Google Ads, and our own in-house proprietary tools that we have created over years of experience, we can position your ads so that every customer can find you when they are ready to buy.

To get started with Google Shopping, our team can help with Google Merchant Centre and product feed setup. Your Google Shopping campaign will then be created directly from the Google Merchant centre, syncing data from your online store.

Data is at the heart of everything we do. By leveraging data-driven insights, we’re able to build customised Google Shopping solutions that are unique to your business, goals and target market.

Once your campaign is up and running, we’ll continuously track your performance, monitor your sales and keep tabs on any behind the scenes trends, to then make the necessary adjustments. With Ambire, you’re guaranteed transparency, so you know exactly where your money is going.

Certified Specialist Google Shopping Advertising Agency

We will help you place your products on Google Search, set up your inventory on Merchant Center and create Google Shopping campaigns.

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When looking for a PPC agency, Sydney has no shortage of options. But not many can claim to be a Google Partner, and we are proudly a Google Premier Partner Agency. All our team members have obtained their Google certifications and have extensive experience of working on Google Ads campaigns.

To maximise your results you need an expert team, skilled in setting up Google’s Merchant Centre, managing and optimising the product feed, and the campaigns.

So to win against your competitors, you need to partner with an agency that partners with Google.

Case Study

more than 3,000 additional sales and 50% revenue from non brand

In 6 months Google Shopping generated an additional 56% of sales and over 50% of the total revenue from non-branded campaigns.

And we are not talking about small numbers, but we are talking about more than 3,000 additional sales.

This is an extra 500 additional sales on average per month, for the last 6 months.

Not too bad, right?

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Google Shopping FAQs

In order to get your products featured on Google Shopping, you will first need a Google Merchant account set up in the Merchant Center. This is a mandatory step required to have your shop, products, and product information into Google and make them available to shoppers across Google.


You will also need a primary product data feed, whether that is in a static format, such a Google Sheets file, or the list and file are dynamically updated like in the case of an XML file. Alternatively, if you have the appropriate structured data you could also get Google to crawl your website and retrieve the product data from there.


The feed will have mandatory and optional fields to tell Google about the products, for example, the item ID, name, brand, description, link, image link, price, etc. Once the product feed has been submitted and approved within the Merchant Centre, it is then linked to your Google Ads account. 


Here you will be able to create a new Shopping campaign in Google Ads using the products from the data feed. From there it will be only a few additional steps to set up the campaign and get your products listed on Google Shopping.


Put your products in the spotlight and see the shoppers flocking through the virtual doors of your online shop. Shopping ads are like having your store, and its products, located on the best high-street, you can expect a high volume of footfall!

Google Shopping allows advertisers to drive sales online and in-store with ads that show near the search results on Google properties such as Google Search, Google Search partner sites and the Google Display Network. Similar to Google Ads, Google Shopping is based on a pay per click (PPC) model. Meaning advertisers must bid for the top spots on search results.


Google Shopping is not exactly a marketplace like eBay or Amazon where the whole interaction with the customer happens within the same platform, but it is more similar to retail CSE (Comparison Shopping Engines) like, GetPrice, ShopBot or PriceGrabber. There, and on Google Shopping, a user running a search for running shoes, for example, will be presented with a number of brands and products and be able to compare by product and price.


If you are not that familiar with the above CSE, think about more specialist ones, like or Mozo for credit cards, or Skyscanner and Kayak for flights. Google Shopping is exactly that, an ad platform that allows users to compare and choose directly from the search results page (at least in most cases), and then referring that user to the advertiser website to handle the transaction and complete the purchase, exactly the same way a click from search text ads in Google works.


However, there are some key differences between Google Search ads and Google Shopping ads. First, is the visual factor of having an image showing alongside the title and price; these elements generally help to pre-qualify users as they select the products based on look and cost. Second, is that as the user is presented with a choice and can compare products, often Shopping Ads attract more price-sensitive customers.


And third, Shopping Ads attract customers with higher intent to purchase; although the option to compare also means that impression and click volumes can also be significantly higher than those from your normal Search campaigns, and it is not unusual for Shopping campaigns to have a lower click-through rate (CTR) and conversion rate.


However, on average, the CPC (cost-per-click) for this type of campaign tends to be also much lower, meaning that when well run and optimised, Google Shopping ads can scale and have profitability, delivering a high volume of sales at a great ROI.


Google Shopping allows you to also send customers from your online ads in-store with local inventory ads. Attract nearby shoppers searching in Google, so when they click on your ad they will be sent to a page hosted by Google, showcasing your local inventory, the store details and hours, able to find directions and more crucial info to get them in.

If you run an eCommerce business, Google Shopping is the fuel you need to ignite your online sales. Shopping campaigns can truly generate an incredible volume of highly-qualified traffic straight to your product pages.


However, improving the performance of Google Shopping is not as simple as it might be for your normal Google Ads text campaign. To start, there are no keywords to target, so the first step lies in the optimisation of the feed itself, including the product title and description. This is where we can optimise for specific keywords.


Then you can add keywords, but just negative ones; so we can exclude showing for terms that underperform or are not relevant. And this is where a thorough, methodical and regular review of the search terms is particularly important to drive the best ROAS (Return On Ad Spend): since we cannot choose the keywords to target, reviewing and refining the list of negative keywords is key.


Amongst a few other things that can be done, are segmenting the list of items in the product feed into subsets that can be product categories or groups of items such as best performers for example.


The advantage of splitting the list into groups is that we can exclude or pause some, or we can have different bids for each group.


Other, more advanced optimisation options are done at the product feed level using rules, such as defining the title and product type using keywords.


Google Shopping ads are not your normal Google Ads campaign. They require a team technically skilled and experienced with the Google Merchant Centre to design, implement and manage successful Shopping campaigns.