It’s been a big week, both out in the wider digital marketing world, but also here at Ambire. We launched our newest project – The Ecommerce Diaries. It’s our latest project looking at everything to do with the ecommerce world – Aussie brands who are making it big, breaking news and stories as well as industry tips and tricks for standing out from the crowd with your ecommerce marketing strategy.

As well as this, we are taking some time to sit down and chat with our team members to share more about what makes them tick. Up first was Ashleigh Pitcher, our Strategy & Planning Director.

We also have the second instalment of our Digital Marketing Chronicles featuring SEO legend Brodie Clark.

Still haven’t seen last week’s stories? We go into more detail about the Facebook news ban as well as the iOS 14 update amongst other things.

Ambire launched our new segment, ‘The Ecommerce Diaries’.



In an attempt to counter misinformation, Facebook will move to label all posts about the COVID-19 vaccine with official government released information.

The move comes as concerns increase surrounding the spread of conspiracy theories and ‘fake news’ that discourages people from getting themselves vaccinated. The tech giant says it’s a grey area, so they will not move to delete posts unless they are moderated and deemed as fear-inducing or simply false.

They’re also taking a significant step to limit the influence and reach of groups and individuals that repeatedly break the platform’s rules. Their content will be demoted to lower positions in the news feed, and warnings will be issued to users who attempt to join these rule-breakers.

Similarly, Facebook is calling for moderators to get tougher.


Instagram announced a sweeping measure that will ban adults from messaging children under 18 who aren’t following them in an attempt to keep younger users safer online.

Adult comments on children’s posts will also be hidden.


As usual, it was a hectic week in the life of Google.

Google My Business has made some updates to their Google My Business performance reports over the past few weeks. The new functionality has upgraded their performance report to add a section for people who viewed the business profile.

It now shows how people found your local listing, whether it was via desktop or mobile and if it was Google Search or Google Maps.

This new data will give you more insight into how users are finding your, or your client’s business – which is always a bonus.

Google My Business has also released a new tool allowing you to better manage your reviews. For many businesses, fake negative reviews that have clearly been forged or written by competitors have been very difficult to follow-up or have removed. Now, this is set to be much easier, which will be a huge improvement for many small businesses in particular.

In local search news Google are testing showing cost estimates for local queries, such as work around the house – although this is likely just happening in the States at the moment.


The big two are at it again, still bickering over Google’s disagreements with publishers in Australia. Microsoft actually endorsed the Australian government’s move to force tech giants like Google and Facebook to pay publishers and journalists for content.

They even suggested that the US would do well to take heed of the Australian decision. In response, Google scorned their post and basically just reminded Microsoft that they just let themselves get hacked, putting tens of thousands of people’s private information at risk.