Ambire has been proudly working with Kennards for the past 3 ½ years, helping them flourish their digital channels through guiding them and implementing their paid search and SEO strategies. Ambire has over time helped Kennards transition into a rapidly growing digital era, helping them find their voice in a noisy space.


Ambire started working with Kennards Self Storage in 2017.

As one of the leading operators, Kennards has over 90 storage locations between Australia and New Zealand, with as many as 39 self storage centres in Sydney, 12 in Melbourne, 9 in Brisbane, 6 in Adelaide and more across NSW, ACT, VIC, QLD and SA.

On the KSS website, users can get a quote, reserve or rent across a large range of options and storage sizes, including personal and business storage, vehicle storage, deposit boxes, gun storage and private cellars to store wine.

Kennards Self Storage


With such an extensive network, and centres often in a close range from one another, it was imperative to structure the Google Ads account and campaigns in a way that it can best replicate the geo location of the centres. At the same time ensuring that ads for the closest centres were served to the user therefore providing the best user experience.


To accomplish this we employed scripts specifically built for the task in Python. The result was a new account structure with more than 230 campaigns, 2,000+ ad groups, 6,000 ads and over 53,000 keywords, all tightly and efficiently managed. As new centres open, like Adelaide Airport or Coorparro, we continue to use the same technology to build and manage, new extensive campaigns.


We started working with Ambire early 2017 and we have never looked back. In the past we joked calling SEO/SEM a dark art.

The Team at Ambire have helped us see past that view. They are open and transparent with their communication taking the time to physically show and explain how things work. They have built trust and confidence and extracted value out of our online activities. Ambire is a crucial partner for us to achieving results online.

Darren Marshall
Kennards Self Storage

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