SEO and Google Reviews: How to incorporate the two

Google reviews and SEO have a pretty close relationship.

In fact, Moz says that online reviews make up around 10% of the criteria for how Google actually displays search results.

They’re important not only for technical SEO, but also for how people regard your business.

KPIs in Digital Marketing

SEO Agency

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Nike: A Case Study in Selling More than a Product

Nike shoes

When you’re asked to think about Nike, what’s the first thing that pops into your head?

Interestingly enough, I’d hazard a guess that you didn’t say shoes, shorts or singlets. 

Was it their famed slogan ‘Just do it’? Was it an image of somebody working hard to achieve their dream, despite all of the odds being stacked against them? Or, was it a famous athlete like Michael Jordan landing a basket? 

The reason for this is that Nike is more often associated with selling a vision, a dream and aspiration rather than a pair of shoes.

SEO and Content Writing: The Perfect Pair

Content Writing and SEO

Obviously, SEO and content writing really have to have something in common.

Like, seriously, if your SEO is no good, then your content simply won’t be found by searchers. Instead it will be left to languish in the black hole of the Internet that is way down the end of the SERP results.

This is no good for anyone.

The Next Big Thing in Digital Marketing: TikTok

TikTok Marketing is the next big thing

Although TikTok was initially scorned as a plaything for Gen-Zers and Millennials, businesses and advertisers have recently started to sit up and pay attention.

It’s clear to see why.

Even though it is largely targeted at tweens and pre-tweens, the app has been downloaded over 2 billion times! This clearly offers an insane reach worldwide and recently the platform has been joined by celebrities of all ages, politicians – and most importantly, brands and businesses.

Is ecommerce right for your business?

Ecommerce in 2021

One of the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic has, unsurprisingly, been the immense growth of ecommerce.

It really didn’t matter in 2020 whether or not you were a B2B or B2C business or one that was global or local. It didn’t even matter whether or not you had ever attempted online retail before or whether you were simply a novice to the whole game.

Basically – you had to get online, and quickly.

TikTok Marketing – is it the Future?

TikTok Advertising

TikTok came along and took the world by storm, and now it’s time for brands of all sizes to get on board and see what the platform can do for you. Confused by TikTok marketing? Read our handy guide.

SEO Tips for Ecommerce Sites

Women shopping online.

Google’s recently shared some hot SEO tips for ecommerce sites, so we thought we’d break them down for you to put to use today.